Packing & Moving Tips Affordable Storage In Centerton, AR

Quick Packing Tips

Use New Packing Boxes
Used boxes and recycled boxes (from retail or grocery stores) often have eggs or live spiders, cockroaches, bed buds, and other critters.

Use Clean Packing Paper
Newspaper ink can bleed on your vases and fine china. Instead, use new packing paper or bubble wrap.

Use the "H" Method
Ensure that your boxes are secure from breaking. Use packing tape in an "H" shape on the bottom of the box, covering all the seams. Affordable Storage has packing tape and tape guns that will make your packing much easier.

Moving & Storage Tips

  • Have an inventory of the things you're moving or storing. Include photos and summaries of the items. 
  • Start at least 2 weeks prior to moving. 
  • When you're storing or moving items, make sure everything has a box. It protects the items and allows for maximum space in your storage unit. 
  • Pack room by room. 
  • Label all boxes with the destination room. 
  • Don't pack flammable or hazardous material. 
  • Put heavier items in the bottom of boxes. 
  • Put heaviest boxes in the center of the truck/trailer. 
  • Don't leave empty space. Fill them with stuffed animals, towels, or clothing. 
  • Tape boxes top to bottom. 
  • Take photos of your TV wiring before unplugging everything. 
  • Use flat screen TV boxes to store photos and picture frames. 
  • Lay a new tarp down on your storage unit floor before placing boxes and furniture. Never place boxes, wood furniture, mattresses, etc. directly on the concrete floor. 
  • Use a high-quality lock for your trailer or unit door 
  • Leave any smaller items until the end and use them to fill any gaps you may encounter 

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